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Soundproofing / Sound Insulation

At last an easy to use soundproofing* product to reduce sound transmission and increase thermal insulation that is U.L. approved to go into walls, ceilings and floors.

More than ever before we are experiencing noise disturbances in our work and personal lives. Diminishing privacy and noise pollution can affect peace of mind, increase tension levels, interfere with communication between people, and jeopardize safety in the workplace. Acoustiblok Soundproofing Materials can help relieve the stress brought on by unwanted noise

Condo owners are becoming increasingly aware of low EPA and EPC noise standards (residential noise limit is 55 dB at night, 60 dB during the day - the level of a normal conversation at three to five feet.) Such limits set the stage for easy litigation against sellers and builders over noise levels from adjoining units; a lack of privacy need not be tolerated.

More than ever before OSHA is focusing on regulating noise levels in the work place. The most cost effective solution is to prevent noise problems before they happen.